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Celebrating our 1 Millionth Can Production

Green Monkey, the first carbonated CBD infused soft drink is celebrating a major milestone whilst becoming even more natural. Launched in November 2018 we have just produced our 1 millionth can.

Our Wellbeing Ethos

In order to stay close to our well being ethos we have also removed all chemicals such as aspartame and brilliant blue and replaced them with natural ingredients. Although these ingredients are used in many soft drinks, our CEO, Serge Davies, commented on the reasons behind the shift.

Explaining, Serge said, “We are constantly developing our drink and our ingredients to offer the best tasting drink we can. Green Monkey was created as a wellbeing brand but when we started out we had issues with stability and had to work with what we could. It was important to us to stay below the sugar tax whilst maintaining a distinct flavour and colour. We have spent the last 9 months tinkering with the ingredients whilst trying to maintain the taste, which people have really taken to.  We have made sure that the taste is constantly improving whilst still delivering 10mg of high-quality CBD in every can.

He added, “CBD is being seen as a wellbeing product although we make no medical claims. We think we have got the balance right now and are very proud to have reached 1 million cans. It shows the demand for quality, premium products in the wellbeing and soft drinks market is there. Hopefully this million will be the first of many.”

The UK Market

The UK market for CBD products is already set to be worth over £1 billion this year. According to the Cannabis Trade Association, the number of users is doubling every year (current estimate of 250k users). Some forecasts predict the global market could reach £17.5 billion in the next 5 years (Brightfield 2018).

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